The importance of dividend strategies

Investors of all types are seeking returns in an environment of greater volatility and low interest rates. Dividend-growth and dividend-income strategies, with their twin emphases on dependable returns with less volatility, can provide investment alternatives for many types of investment needs. Dividends have long been an important part of total return. In addition, investing in companies that not only offer dividends, but increase them, has shown over time to provide both growing income and higher total return than companies that do not, according to data presented in our recent white paper, "The 80-year-old fad: dividend investing comes back into vogue"

Capital provides a range of dividend-focused strategies to help pursue an array of investment goals. Our offerings include dividend-growth multiasset and equity-only strategies, as well as mandates with a greater focus on dividend income within a U.S., international or global framework. We have been investing in dividend-paying companies since shortly after the organization was founded more than 80 years ago, and dividends remain a core part of our investment DNA.

Positioning Income-Oriented Portfolios for Rising Rates

Portfolio managers Jim Lovelace and Greg Johnson talk about the challenge of investing for income in low-interest-rate environment. (September 2014)

New Thinking About Global Asset Allocation

Investors may be able to improve their portfolio outcomes by diversifying their global asset allocations to include strategies that focus on income and income growth in addition to risk-based and tactical, returns-based strategies. (September 2013)

Dividend-focused strategies

A contrarian's guide to global dividend investing and China

International Growth and Income Fund manager Steve Watson's contrarian approach has helped him to uncover opportunities when other investors are excessively pessimistic. In this Q&A, Steve discusses finding attractive values in today’s uncertain market. (July 2013)

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The 80-year-old fad: dividend investing comes back into vogue

In this piece, we explain why a strategic, long-term approach makes sense and how dividends can help address a range of investment needs. (March 2012)

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